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Recent Projects

January 7, 2016


  1. Jim’s Bathroom – We worked with Jim to help him convert a huge walk-in closet into the bathroom of his dreams. We designed it specifically for Jim’s style and storage needs including, slide out shoe trays, inset drawers and doors and custom adjustable shelving.
  2. Front Desk for Relax and Rejuvenate – We worked with Kelly and Willie to help them organize their reception area for their thriving massage studio. We used sapele to create lines that lead your eyes into the space.
  3. Carrie’s Shed – We had fun working with Carrie to create a shed with personality. From the old school doors, to the pallet ramp, to the inside walls lined with peg board, it was truly one of a kind.
  4. Frank’s Rosewood Speakers – We worked with Frank, who’s an audiophile as well as an AV dealer and installer, on a pair of high end speaker enclosures. We used baltic birch for the cabinets and covered them in rosewood veneer.

Relax and Rejuevenate’s New Reception Desk

May 13, 2014



Kelly and Willie needed a new reception desk at their massage studio in Asheville.  Their previous desk wasn’t looking too sharp and they also wanted a desk that felt more substantial and allowed more visual privacy between the desk and waiting area.  They were very open to design ideas for the front face of the desk, which we wanted to make a statement without breaking the calm feel of the space.  When I came up with the idea for the lines, the whole project clicked and became one of my favorite projects to date.  We discussed their specific needs for storage and how best to fill the rear area with a combination of drawers, shelves and empty space.

The lobby now has an entirely new feel to it and the new desk has helped them with the larger relaunch of their business.



Susan and Michael’s Studio

March 13, 2014



Susan and Michael are ‘A Potter and a Painter’.  They recently became our neighbors at South Side Studios in the 8000 square foot warehouse where Carolyn and I currently have a woodworking studio.  Susan and Michael asked us if we could help them enclose their space and build a few tables and shelves as well for their work.  We framed and drywalled the perimeter of their space and attached lattice to the top 3 feet of their wall on one side to retain a visual connection to the rest of the larger warehouse.  We also designed and built an Alder front door for an entrance into their now cozy workspace, a custom shelving unit for all of Michael’s paintings and a large worktable that anchors the center of the room.

It is now their home away from home and a space that inspires creativity.





South Side Studio Buildout

February 13, 2014



Carolyn and I are currently working out of a space in a large warehouse in South Asheville called South Side Studios.  A few of the other artists in there were interested in building out their workspace and asked us if we could help.  Ginger wanted something simple and functional with 3 walls to hang art on and enclose her workspace as well as a storage loft with stairs.  I thought it would be a good idea to have the stairs be on the outside of the workspace instead of the inside, where it would have covered one of her 3 walls.


Christo, a recent Asheville transplant from NY, is a freelance designer whose studio, ‘Christowerks’, now resides in 400 square feet of the Southside warehouse.  He had the concept for the design of the space and Carolyn and I took it from there.  Now in it’s finished form, he has the privacy and structure that he needs for his business.





Odds and Ends Vol. II

December 13, 2013



Carolyn and I recently got a chance to build some pieces for some friends’ travel van.  My favorite part of this was designing the center console for between the two front seats.  Scott and Maggie wanted a side compartment for an atlas, drink holders in the front and then we came up with an idea for a removeble insert that goes inside.  It has a side for each of them and also a skinny section for knick knacks.

Next is a hardwood mirror stand that I made for a client here in Asheville.  It’s made out of an imported hardwood called sapele, which looks a bit like mahogany.  This project was a fun challenge with it’s 5 degree rearward tilt and classic, no hardware, joinery.

The last piece is a desk design that I came up with.  I put some materials to use that were piling up in a corner of the shop and made a decent sized desk.  I finally have somewhere to put the laptop that isn’t covered in sawdust!






Odds and Ends Vol. I

October 13, 2013



Here’s a few smaller projects that I wanted to share.  My friend Ryan is an artist, who works with a lot of large paper back drops in his photography.  He wanted a simple low chest with drawers large enough to fit the papers he’s collected.  I managed to use mostly materials I had around the shop and this is what I came up with.


The next one is a small tiered deck for our friend Elizabeth who has a small barn on her property that she has converted into a tiny house.  We thought it would be cool to work with the slope of the hill and make it tiered instead of one flat platform.  Elizabeth is eventually planning on enclosing the lowest section and turning it into an outdoor shower.


The last piece is our new temporary dining room table.  We didn’t move to Asheville with much furniture so we needed a dining room table right away.  I’ve been a big fan of this style of table base for awhile and wanted to take a practice run with the proportions before I eventually made one out of hardwood.  It was a good opportunity to make a table that is sized to fit properly in the dimensions of the space.  This is made from 2×4’s and a piece of birch plywood.  It’s ended up being just right for a dinner for 6.  Now I’m looking forward to finding some time to make an even nicer replacement!





A Coffee Cart and Market Shelves at Dough

March 13, 2013



There’s a new bakery and market opening up in Asheville called Dough.  Set in a beautiful, newly designed building on Merrimon Ave. here in Asheville. Carolyn has been busy helping them put together a cooking school as well as working on redesigning their website and filling it with awesome food photography.  She put me in touch with the owner, Brian, who needed an interesting stand for their cafe area.  The cart houses the trash and recycling, as well as all the napkins and coffee fixins that the customers would need.  He also, needed some shelving for the market area where they will be selling a range of interesting food products.

It was a fun project and great working with Brian and his new enterprise.