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Odds and Ends Vol. I

October 13, 2013



Here’s a few smaller projects that I wanted to share.  My friend Ryan is an artist, who works with a lot of large paper back drops in his photography.  He wanted a simple low chest with drawers large enough to fit the papers he’s collected.  I managed to use mostly materials I had around the shop and this is what I came up with.


The next one is a small tiered deck for our friend Elizabeth who has a small barn on her property that she has converted into a tiny house.  We thought it would be cool to work with the slope of the hill and make it tiered instead of one flat platform.  Elizabeth is eventually planning on enclosing the lowest section and turning it into an outdoor shower.


The last piece is our new temporary dining room table.  We didn’t move to Asheville with much furniture so we needed a dining room table right away.  I’ve been a big fan of this style of table base for awhile and wanted to take a practice run with the proportions before I eventually made one out of hardwood.  It was a good opportunity to make a table that is sized to fit properly in the dimensions of the space.  This is made from 2×4’s and a piece of birch plywood.  It’s ended up being just right for a dinner for 6.  Now I’m looking forward to finding some time to make an even nicer replacement!





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