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Odds and Ends Vol. II

December 13, 2013



Carolyn and I recently got a chance to build some pieces for some friends’ travel van.  My favorite part of this was designing the center console for between the two front seats.  Scott and Maggie wanted a side compartment for an atlas, drink holders in the front and then we came up with an idea for a removeble insert that goes inside.  It has a side for each of them and also a skinny section for knick knacks.

Next is a hardwood mirror stand that I made for a client here in Asheville.  It’s made out of an imported hardwood called sapele, which looks a bit like mahogany.  This project was a fun challenge with it’s 5 degree rearward tilt and classic, no hardware, joinery.

The last piece is a desk design that I came up with.  I put some materials to use that were piling up in a corner of the shop and made a decent sized desk.  I finally have somewhere to put the laptop that isn’t covered in sawdust!






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